Victory Temple Evangelistic Ministries International is a power packed end time ministry of God. Beloved you can be part of this ministry of God and your life will change and never be the same.

Be part of this great ministry by contacting us or joining us during one of our gatherings. God is calling all end time believers as the end of years approach and I do believe you are part of the great team of God.

It is time we join forces together by pulling down every strongholds in the church which is drawing Christians backwards. Let every one of us get involved in the work of God to win more souls to the Kingdom of God while we are alive today.

Dear Beloved, you can get involve in so many ways like becoming a prayer partner, affiliating with the ministry, donating in cash or any kind of support the Lord will lay it on your heart to support this ministry, or by becoming a member of this great family of God.

We believe in unity, love, one Faith and one Baptism through the power of the Holy Spirit. Our aim is to reach the whole world for Jesus Christ until He returns.